Figure 4.

Outlier status of the HA_SNL1 pool. A) Hierarchical dendrogram based on pool similarity and B) HEAT maps [24] both illustrate the outlier status of the HA_SNL1 pool. HEAT map columns use color to represent the 284 miRNAs in the 3 HA_sham pools and the 3 HA_SNL pools. The miRNAs are arranged in decreasing order of average RPM in the HA_sham group. Color (scale above) represents relative RPM where 0 (orange) is the mean RPM of the 6 pools and +2 (red) and −2 (yellow) represent ±2 standard deviations [24].

Bali et al. Molecular Pain 2014 10:22   doi:10.1186/1744-8069-10-22
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