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Movie showing a hairless SKH1-Hrhr mouse testing itself on the operant orofacial device. This movie demonstrates the ease of testing a mouse in an investigator-independent fashion using the operant orofacial device. Note the technician placing the mouse in the testing box at the beginning of the video – this is the last time the technician interacts with the animal during the trial. At ~16 sec, the animal initiates the first successful contact with the thermode and reward bottle. We pan to the computer at ~31 sec to illustrate the online recordings (top trace = reward licking signal; bottom trace = stimulus thermode signal), and at ~43 sec, we demonstrate how the uncompressed, high-speed acquisition signal appears. Please note that each peak on the top trace represents a single lick.

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Neubert et al. Molecular Pain 2008 4:43   doi:10.1186/1744-8069-4-43