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Aδ laser stimulation of rat hind paw captured with high-speed videography. The rat was recorded at a rate of 500 frames per sec (fps) to capture the first-observable movement after laser stimulation (6.08 W/mm2). The laser stimulus (100 ms, 31 frames) can be easily observed since infrared light saturates the CCD sensor, appearing as black pixels in the video. The rat was at rest and motionless immediately before stimulation. Post-stimulation, ostensible movement could be detected in the left forearm and the right shoulder by 104 ms. Clear movement of the contralateral paw could be detected by 4 frames (113 ms). Complete limb withdrawal and paw licking occur several frames later. The total length of the recording is 1 sec. Withdrawal of the stimulated limb appears rapid and very brisk when viewed in real-time. [Note: Due to video compression, this reformatted video file plays at ~310 fps.]

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Mitchell et al. Molecular Pain 2010 6:94   doi:10.1186/1744-8069-6-94