Figure 7.

Direct DRG injection (but not intramuscular injection) of RABPV pseudotyped EF1α lentivector induces EGFP expression in the ipsilateral DRG. A, B. Representative images of EGFP expression in neurons and fibers (A, arrows point to neurons and filled arrowheads to fibers) revealed by EGFP IHC and EGFP-expressing neurons and fibers co-labeled with β3-tubulin (B, arrows point to neurons and filled arrowheads to fibers) 4 weeks after direct DRG injection of the RABPV coated LV2-EF1α-EGFP. C, D. Arrows point to EGFP expression in spinal nerve distal to the injection (C) and in nerve roots proximal to the injection (D). High magnification shows predominant expression of EGFP in neurons, and no colocalization to glutamine synthetase, a marker for satellite glial cells (E and F, arrows point to transduced neurons, filled arrowheads to EGFP positive fibers, and empty arrows to glial cells). G, H. No EGFP expression was detected in the ipsilateral DRG 4 weeks after gastrocnemius muscle injection of RABPV pseudotyped LV2-EF1α-EGFP, shown in the representative image of EGFP IHC (G) and corresponding phase-contrast image (H). Scale bars = 200 μm for A, B, = 100 μm for C, D, G, H, and = 50 μm for E and F.

Yu et al. Molecular Pain 2011 7:63   doi:10.1186/1744-8069-7-63
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