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Unclear which control group was used (Jeffrey Petruska, 06 January 2014)

The premise of the manuscript is very interesting and I greatly appreciate the approach of examining how injury to one tissue can influence sensory function of separate tissue. However, the data would be more impactful and more useful if the groups were described more... read full comment

Comment on: Guo et al. Molecular Pain, 8:85

An important reference on the identification of specific PKC phosphorylation site in mu-opioid receptors. (Li-Yen Huang, 06 January 2014)

Feng et al (2011)* showed that S363 is a major PKC phosphorylation site on mu-opioid receptors (μ-MORs).  The PKC-mediated phosphorylation of the site interrupts receptor-G protein coupling, thus promoting the desensitization of μ-MORs *Feng B, Li Z Wang JB: Protein kinase C-mediated phosphorylation of the mu-opioid receptor and its effects on receptor signaling. Molecular pharmacology 2011, 79: 768-775. read full comment

Comment on: Li et al. Molecular Pain, 9:63

Invitation to have a discussion on this paper (Jianguo Gu, 31 May 2007)

The reader's comment feature has been availabe for sometimes in Molecular Pain website. This should be a good way for communications among researchers. read full comment

Comment on: Wu et al. Molecular Pain, 3:11